a week of exposure for the new comers (MMK)

MMK stands for Minggu Mesra Kampus. Basically, it is a week to expose the new comers what are the clubs available here in UTP as well as the events that are going to be held by their clubs. The event, starting today, is going to be held until this Friday from as early as 8 am till 5pm at Pocket D. Well, of course Ichem-E booth is one of the booth available , teehee =)) In fact, is one of the most informative booth there! hmph..

Erm.. ow yah, please take note ok for all icheme members, we are distributing your membership card at the booth, so please do drop by and collect them ok.

So, for the new comers, please do have a peep visit there ok, u might get something useful apart from the extraordinarily huge amount of flyerssss @.@.