ChExposium 2009

ChExposium Opening Ceremony & Family Day
10th October 2009, Saturday
Pocket D

The Emcees

Preparing for the fun games

A Group photo together.

Talks & Sharing Sessions

Talk by MISC, one of the biggest shipping company in the world.

Talk by Malay Sino, a manufacturer of various chemicals in Malaysia.

Souvenirs presentation to the speakers from the President.

Sharing session with Wan Ahmad Fayhsal, a final year student on the topic of:
Green is the new Black: The Forgotten Wisdom of Scientia Sacra

ChExposium Closing Ceremony & ChemE High Tea
23rd October 2009, Friday
Main Hall

The Performers
The Dean's List Award Presentation

Speech by the Acting Head of Chemical Engineering Department, Dr Azmi Bustam.

ChExposium 2009

ChExposium: Chemical Exposure Symposium
"Harnessing Expertise"
Organized by IChemE UTP Student Chapter

10th - 23rd October 2009

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The objectives of this event are:

To nurture the connection and transfer of knowledge between seasoned industry experts, future young professionals and lecturers.

To provide assistance, exposure and guidance to students regarding technical knowledge and experience.

To enhance participants’ understanding of their theoretical and practical knowledge.

To cultivate and foster the awareness of the chemical industry regarding current issues and technology among students.

To provide assistance, exposure and guidance to students regarding technical knowledge and experience.


o Opening Ceremony & Family Day

Target Group: All Chemical Engineering students and lecturers

Pocket D
10th October, Saturday
9.00 a.m. till 10.30 a.m.

This event will be officiated by the President (or representative) of IChemE Malaysia and Director of Undergraduate Studies. Attendance is compulsory for all Chemical Engineering students. After the opening ceremony, there will be Family Day from 10.30am till 12 noon. Lecturers and their families are invited to participate in this Family Day.

Speaker/Invited Guest:
Chairman of IChemE Malaysia,
Prof Wan Ramli Wan Daud

Director of Undergradute
Studies, Dr. Hilmi Mukhtar

Head of Chemical Engineering
Department, Dr. Shuhaimi

o Sharing Session

Target Group: 2nd Year till 3rd Year students

9th & 14th October 2009
Pocket D

IChemE UTP SC will be organizing a sharing session for all Chemical Engineering students on the following topics:

a. Industrial Training- Experience and Expectation
b. Student Exchange Program (SEP)/ Student Abroad Program (SAP)
c. Specialization (Final Year)

IChemE UTP SC plans to invite graduated students and lecturers to share about the following topics

1st Sharing Session: Industrial Training: Experience and Expectation
9th October, Friday
11.30 a.m. till 12.30 p.m.

Azman Shah bin Mohd
Beh Ssi Tjun
Foo Ngai Yoong
Chan Choon Hoong

2nd Sharing Session: Specialization: Choosing between salary and interest
14th October, Wednesday
8.00 p.m. till 9.00 p.m.

Petroleum Engineering
Utheswaran Krishna Moorthy
Environmental Engineering
Wan Ahmad Fayhsal bin Wan
Ahmad Kamal
Process Analysis and Control
Abdullah Aiman bin Abdul
Process Design
Chua Boon How
Process Plant Engineering
Kelvin Yew Kean Liang
Gas and Petrochemical
Rohaya binti Ramli

3rd Sharing Session: SEP/SAP: Exposure and Broading Knowledge
14th October, Wednesday
9.00 p.m. till 10.00 p.m.

Utheswaran Krishna Moorthy

o Talks and Forums

Target Group: All Chemical Engineering students, including Post Graduate students

We plan to invite speakers from the chemical industries who have vast hands-on experiences to share their knowledge and tips with our students, especially those who are going to face the working environment such as the third and final year students. Other than that, we would also invite chemical engineers that have attained the highest membership status in IChemE, which is known as Fellow to the university to present talks to the students, with the collaboration from IChemE in Malaysia. For this talks and forum, we have plan it differently in such a way that the event will be on-going for the whole semester, which means that we will conduct at least one talk or forum every month. Suggested topics are as follow.


Talk 1: Oil and Gas Industry- Our only pathway?
Pocket D4
14th October, Wednesday
3.00 p.m. till 4.00 p.m.

Speaker: MISC LNG

Talk 2: Industrial Talk Series
Pocket D4
14th October, Wednesday
4.00 p.m. till 5.00 p.m.

Speaker: Malay Sino


Fuel Depletion- Are we going “Green”?
Pocket D4
14th October, Wednesday
4.30 p.m. till 6.00 p.m.

Scomi Group Berhad
Shell People Services Sdn.Bhd.
Exxon Mobil

o Tutor-Tutee Program

Target Group: Foundation till 3rd Year 1st Semester students

Throughout the semester

IChemE-UTP-SC is planning to organize a Tutor-Tutee Program as a sub-event for Chemical Exposure Symposium to help students in their academics. In the program, we will target two more demanding and challenging subjects in each semester and therefore provide seniors as tutors to the juniors. We foresee that this Tutor-Tutee Program will benefit the students. As a matter of fact, the students will be having extra guidance and assistance in these tougher subjects. The plan is that we will organize classes at least once a week, 1-2 hours per session. In those sessions, the tutees may ask questions regarding each specific subject which they are not clear or need further clarification. The tutor-tutee program will also focus on the final exam papers towards the end of the semester to prepare the students for the final exam. If demanded, we will also be doing a recap or revision on the whole course for the students before the final exam or study week.

o ChemE-Car Team Selection

Target Group: 2nd Year till 4th Year students

Lecture Theatre D1
21st October, Wednesday
8.30 p.m. till 10.00 p.m.

IChemE-UTP-SC will be organizing a selection for UTP Team for the National ChemE-Car Competition which will be held annually. This competition will be participated by all local universities in finding the best possible fuel to run vehicle, specifically cars. A selection will be made based on the presentation of proposal by the participants. The supervisor for the team will be Dr. Azmi Bustam from Chemical Engineering Department.

Speaker/Invited Guest: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Azmi Bustam

o Closing Ceremony

Target Group: Dean’s List Recipients, all Chemical Engineering students and staff

Main Hall
23rd October, Friday
3.00 p.m. till 6.00 p.m.

The closing ceremony will be a high-tea for all lecturers and Chemical Engineering students. It will be also Raya and Dean's List Award for Chemical Engineering students.

Speaker/Invited Guest:
Director of Undergraduate
Studies, Dr. Hilmi Mukhtar

Head of Chemical EngineeringDepartment,
Dr. ShuhaimiMahadzir

Let's Speak Chemistry

Let’s Speak Chemistry!

  • "I think your website is beryllium!" (read as brilliant)

  • "That's a pro-phosphorous idea!" (read as preposterous)

  • "I can't be arsenic-ed!" (read as arsed)

  • "This is so boron!" (read as boring)

  • "Pick it up off the fluor-ine!" (read as floor)

  • "Lith-ium alone!" (read as leave him)

  • "This is a-bismuth!" (read as abysmal)

  • "I've got a bad gold" (read as cold)

  • "Is she Indium?" (read as Indian)

  • "Did he have a car-bon?" (read as car bomb)

  • "Pass the lattice" (read as lettuce)

  • "Would you like a polo-nium t?" (read as polo mint)

  • "Can you iron my shirt please?" (read as iron)

  • "I can't bar-ium" (read as bare him)

  • "Can they cur-ium?" (read as cure him)

  • "Caes-ium!" (read as caese him)

  • "That was so-dium good" (read as so damn)

  • “How many have we done sul-phur?” (read as so far)

  • "Keep your i-on the ball" (read as eye on)

  • "A friend of mine pierced his tung-sten" (read as tongue)

  • "A-cid that one" (read as I said)

  • "A-mine the other one" (read as I mean)

  • "You're too easily lead" (read as lead)

  • Julian: "My trousers keep falling down!"

  • Nick: "This man-ga-nese a belt!" (read as man needs)

  • Nick: "We need to get so many things for our cat"

  • Julian: "I don't think we'll be able to remember them all"

  • Nick: "Well then we will have to make the cat-a-lyst!"

  • ”I zinc we are done because all the other jokes ar-gon!”