History of Chemical Engineering

The term appeared in print in 1839, though from the context it suggests a person with mechanical engineering knowledge working in the chemical industry.[2] In 1880, George E. Davis wrote in a letter to Chemical News 'A Chemical Engineer is a person who possesses chemical and mechanical knowledge, and who applies that knowledge to the utilisation, on a manufacturing scale, of chemical action.' He proposed the name Society of Chemical Engineers, for what was in fact constituted as the Society of Chemical Industry. At the first General Meeting of the Society in 1882, some 15 of the 300 members described themselves as chemical engineers, but the Society's formation of a Chemical Engineering Group in 1918 attracted 400 members. [3]

In 1924 the Institution of Chemical Engineers adopted the following definition 'A chemical engineer is a professional man experienced in the design, construction and operation of plant and works in which matter undergoes a change of state and composition.'[4] (The first female member joined in 1942.)[5]

As can be seen from the later definition, the occupation is not limited to the chemical industry, but more generally the process industries, or other situations in which complex physical and/or chemical processes are to be managed.

In 1951 the President of the Institution of Chemical Engineers said in his Presidential Address "I believe most of us would be willing to regard Edward Charles Howard (1774-1816) as the first chemical engineer of any eminence"[6]. Others have suggested Johann Rudolf Glauber (1604-1670) for his development of processes for the manufacture of the major industrial acids.[7]

Chemistry Jokes..

Chemistry Jokes..
Chemistry Jokes If you didn't get the joke, you probably didn't understand the science behind it. If this is the case, it's a chance for you to learn a little chemistry.

Chemistry Joke 1:Outside his buckyball home, one molecule overheard another molecule saying, "I'm positive that a free electron once stripped me of an electron after he lepton me. You gotta keep your ion them."

Chemistry Joke 2:A chemistry professor couldn't resist interjecting a little philosophy into a class lecture. He interrupted his discussion on balancing chemical equations, saying, "Remember, if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the precipitate!"

Chemistry Joke 3:One day on the Tonight Show, Jay Leno showed a classified add that read: "Do you have mole problems? If so, call Avogadro at 602-1023."

Chemistry Joke 4:The Official Unabashed Scientific Dictionary defines cation as a positively charged kitten.

Chemistry Joke 5:Q: What is the name of the molecule bunny-O-bunny? A: An ether bunny

Chemistry Joke 6:Q: If H-two-O is the formula for water, what is the formula for ice?A: H-two-O-CUBED

Chemistry Joke 7:Q: Why do chemists like nitrates so much?A: They're cheaper than day rates.

Chemistry Joke 8:Q: What is the chemical formula for the molecules in candy?A: Carbon-Holmium-Cobalt-Lanthanum-Tellurium or CHoCoLaTe

Chemistry Joke 9:Q: What is the name of the molecule CH2O?A: Seawater

Chemistry Joke 10:An electron sitting in a prison asked a second electron cellmate, "What are you in for?" To which the latter replied, "For attempting a forbidden transition."

Chemistry Joke 11:Q: How did the political science major define free radical on his chemistry exam?A: A wild protestor

Cheme Carnival 09

ChemE Carnival 2009 is an annual event, which specially organized by the IChemE UTP Student Chapter (IChemE-UTP-SC) and collaboration with UTP Chemical Engineering Department. This will be the second times ChemE Carnival being held in UTP which involves lecturers, undergraduates and foundation students from the Chemical Engineering department. This semester ChemE Carnival will be highlighted as one of the biggest event that will be conducted annually. We have work hard on new branding of this coming events in order to suite the global issue, career path, software skills, latest knowledge, sharing session, many exciting sub events and competition that will give lots of benefits to the all student.

The prominent aim of ChemE Carnival 2009 is to develop critical thinking among students for future need. Students will be exposed to real working life of a chemical engineer. This is parallel with Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS vision to become “A leader inTechnology Education and Centre for Creativity and Innovation.



  • We are trying to give clear view regarding chemical usage in our daily life has a lot of benefits.
  • We seek to expose the Chemical Engineering students to their career life future and open the opportunities to get closer with the industries and companies.
  • Strong knowledge in chemical processes and skills are vital role in holding the quality of future Chemical Engineers

Chemy Dinner Batch July 06

The dinner was held last Friday at Syuen Hotel which involves most of the students of July 06 Chemical Engineering students. The main purpose of this event is to tighten the bonding among the students. There were several activities were done during the dinner such as performance by our newly talented Chemical students, Syukri. The events has ran smoothly and it has been a great success.

Chemy Carnival